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GWS 660: Internship in Gender and Women's Studies

GWS 660: Internship in Gender and Women's Studies is designed to provide students with opportunities for learning and working in organizations in ways that connect their coursework in gender and women's studies to specific issues in community settings. The 6-credit internship seminar provides a venue for students to engage deeply in feminist-based work and reflection, as well as to participate in community-based organizations and engage in a service-learning course all while thinking critically about participating as feminists in activism.

The service portion of the course allows students to work in a community setting sharing creativity, their academic background in gender and women’s studies, as well as unique and practical skills sets with agencies. The seminar component will provide a framework to think critically, through discussion, readings and assignments, about how practice can be informed by theory and experience, as well as how theory informs our practice. In addition, the seminar allows for students to learn about a wide range of organizations in our community working on issues related to gender and social change, as well as activism around social justice and feminism.

Students accepted into this program will receive 6-credits for completing 10-12 hours of work at their internship over the course of the spring semester for a total of at least 150 hours. Students will also participate in a weekly seminar. To obtain an internship for this course, students are required to participate in a departmental internship fair where they are matched with an internship.

Recent internship sites include: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin - Community Education, GSAs for Safe Schools, the Rape Crisis Center, the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health, the Wisconsin Women's Network, the Wisconsin Women's Council, NARAL Wisconsin, the LGBT Campus Center, the Wisconsin Adolescent Health Communication Program, the UW Women's and Gender Studies Consortium, Fair Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and University Health Services Violence Prevention Programs.

GWS 660: Internship in Gender and Women’s Studies is a course open to graduating Gender and Women’s Studies major and certificate students through an application and interview process.

The course is taught each spring with an application process beginning the previous fall.

Application are due Monday, October 24th.

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