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Spring 2017 Registration & Waiting List Information

Courses held for graduating majors that will be opened for general registration at 10:00am on Thursday, November 17th are:

GWS 310: Topic - Screening Gender: Masculinity and Femininity in American Film with Loutensock
GWS 310: Topic - TBD
GWS 320: Topic - TBD
GWS 333: Black Feminisms with Lindsey
GWS 340: Topic in LGBTQ Sexuality - Topic TBA
GWS 370: Girl Interrupted: Gender & Disability in Pop Culture with Loutensock
GWS 533: Gender, Neurobiology, & Traumatic Memory with Fink
GWS 535: Global Women's Health & Human Rights with Alonso

Only Gender and Women's Studies MAJORS can register for the courses above through SENIOR enrollment. Any remaining seats in these courses will be opened up for general registration on Thursday, November 17th at 10:00am.

GWS 103 will be open for general registration on Monday, November 21st at 10:00am. Before then, GWS 103 will be held for GWS majors AND GWS certificate students through junior enrollment. Please select the discussion that you are able to attend as NO accommodations for switching section will be made.

The topics of GWS 310, 320, and 340 will be announced as soon as we are able. It is unlikely that it will be before enrollment begins.

The introductory courses, GWS 101 and 102 are never blocked to general registration.
Special note on Special Topics courses (310, 320, 340, 370 & 533): You can take any of these courses more than once for unique graduation and GPA credit - even concurrently, so long as it is a different topic.

Waiting List

If you see that a course is closed AND you meet the pre-requisites for the course, you are eligible to be placed on the course's waiting list through your enrollment center. This is the only way to be offered a seat in the course. The sooner you get on the waiting list, the more likely you will be offered a seat in the course if one opens. If you are offered a seat off of the waiting list, you will be contacted by Diane Walton giving you permission to enroll. Once you have been granted permission to enroll, you MUST enroll in the course within TWO days otherwise you will lose your seat in the course.

Course Offering Requirements - Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Gender & Women's Studies Course Offerings, including what issue area and/or approach the course meets.

The schedule of classes can be found in either the Course Guide or Class Search.

Advance Authorization to Enroll in GWS 640: Capstone Seminar in Gender and Women's Studies (Majors Only)

GWS 640, Advanced Seminar in GWS, requires authorization for all students.

To request authorization, please complete this form.

This is the only way to register for GWS 640.

Once you have been authorized to enroll, you will receive an email from Diane Walton (dwalton@wisc.edu) confirming your authorization. You will need to enroll within one week of receiving your confirmation. After Diane has authorized you, you will still need to enroll in the course. Please complete the form ASAP at least a week before your registration date.

The pre-requisite for GWS 640 is to have completed a theory course: This could include 333/423, 440, 441, 445, 449, 477, 545, 547, PS 517, OR Soc 477.

GWS Internship Program

GWS offers a variety of internship opportunities for students. For more information on these online, seminar and global internship opportunities, please visit the GWS Internship Program.

For more information, including application materials, please contact the instructor, Nina Valeo Cooke.

Applying to Graduate

If you are graduating in the spring semester, once you've enrolled, request a DARS and you will see near the top of the report "all reqs complete pending final review." That message will tell you that all the courses you've enrolled in will complete your degree.

In addition, if you plan on graduating you will need to 'Apply to Graduate' in your Student Center. This notifies the Registrar's Office to audit your degree to confirm graduation eligibility. Once you apply, do not be alarmed that there is no confetti or confirmation sent.

Commencement Ceremonies

Sunday, December 18th, 2016 - Winter Commencement
Winter grads, stop by Nina's office for a departmental pin to wear, if you wish, at commencement!

Saturday, May 13th, 2017 - Spring Commencement
Information on commencement here!

All 2017 GWS and LGBT Studies graduates are invited to attend the GWS & LGBT Studies Graduation Reception on the morning of spring commencement.

Please remember to declare your intent to graduate (using the links on your "My UW" Portal). For additional information on commencement/graduation, please refer to the commencement website at: http://www.commencement.wisc.edu


For a listing of all the courses offered in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies, please visit the UW Undergraduate Catalog: Department of Gender and Women's Studies.

For a listing of the courses currently offered in this and/or upcoming semesters, please visit the Schedule of Classes.

For a complete history of the course offerings in Gender and Women's Studies, please visit My Course Guide in MyUW.