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Certificate in LGBT Studies

The LGBT Studies Certificate Program, housed administratively in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies, is a campus-wide program open to students in any major. Courses that count toward this interdisciplinary certificate come from a wide range of fields including literature, history, sociology, medical history, as well as from gender and women's studies, which is in itself an interdisciplinary field.

The certificate program requires 15 credits in LGBT Studies. Intent to pursue the certificate must be declared by meeting with the LGBT Studies undergraduate advisor as early as possible in the certificate program and before completing requirements.

All certificates are now automatically posted to your transcripts upon graduation by the Registrar's Office based on completion via your DARS. Please confirm that you certificate is complete (all 'green lights') via DARS after you enroll in your final semester. 

Fall 2017 Courses in LGBTQ+ Studies

GWS 343: Queer Bodies
GWS 361: Sex and Power in Greece and Rome
GWS 449: Queer of Color Critique
GWS 519: Sexuality, Modernity, and Social Change
GWS 533: Queering Sexuality Education

If you learn about additional courses that you think should count toward the LGBTQ+ Studies certificate, please contact Susan Nelson (susan.nelson@wisc.edu); the department of Gender and Women’s Studies will be happy to evaluate the syllabus to determine whether it meets program criteria.

Requirements for the LGBT Studies certificate

Current Course Offerings and Registration Information