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Undergraduate Certificate in Gender and Women's Studies

Gender and Women's Studies courses emphasize critical thinking in an interdisciplinary context and build a knowledge base about many aspects of women's experience. Students learn about the ways that the meanings assigned to "gender" shape our understandings of other academic disciplines and everyday life.  Social policy, politics, family, health and sexuality are just a few of the areas addressed analytically by courses in Gender and Women's Studies.

The certificate program is open to undergraduates and special students in a degree seeking program and requires 15 credits in Gender and Women's Studies.  Within the framework described below, students can tailor the certificate to reflect their interests, complement their major or plan for graduate or professional school. 

Intent to pursue the certificate must be declared by one of two ways:

1. Meet with the Department of Gender and Women's Studies undergraduate advisor. You can access the advisor's calendar here.


2. Declare the GWS certificate online

To declare the certificate in Gender & Women's Studies, please complete the online declaration form. To declare the Gender & Women's (GWS) Certificate at the Undergraduate Level, please complete the online declaration form in its entirety. After you have reviewed the requirements of the undergraduate GWS certificate, this declaration form should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

Completed declaration forms will be processed within 5-7 business days. You will know that your declaration has been processed when you receive a welcome email from the GWS undergraduate advisor. If you have questions for the undergraduate advisor, please contact them via email.

Students are welcome to meet with the advisor as needed to track their progress. All completed declared GWS certificates will be posted to a student's transcript upon their graduation.


Requirements for the GWS Certificate

GWS Certificate Requirements Worksheet

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