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Friday, April 15
4:15 pm

Dr. Tererai Trent

Saturday, April 16

Dr. Donna Shalala


Friday, April 15
9:45 am

Saturday, April 16
8:30 am

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2017 4W Summit on Women, Gender and Well-being
April 28-29, 2017
University of Wisconsin-Madison

First Annual
2016 4W Summit on Women, Gender and Well-being


Annual Wisconsin Women's and Gender Studies Conference


April 15-16, 2016

Pyle Center, UW-Madison

First 4W Summit on Women and Well-being Welcomes
Slate of International Women’s Advocates

In 2016 the First Annual 4W Summit on Women and Well-being launches a bold new initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to impact women locally and globally. The first of its kind, the 4W Summit brings together state and global activists, academics, students, community leaders and the general public around issues to improve the lives of women and all. The Summit presents a new vision of research to action, built upon four decades of teaching, learning, scholarship and field work of the larger University of Wisconsin women’s and gender studies learning community.

The two days of plenaries and breakout sessions focus on the junction of women, gender and social justice – with the goal of moving research to action. Presenters include national and community leaders and UW-Madison, UW System and regional college faculty, staff, students and community leaders.

The 4W Summit is hosted by the UW-Madison 4W Initiative -- Women and Well-being in Wisconsin and the World – and the UW Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium. 4W is administered by the School of Human Ecology in partnership with the Global Health Institute and the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies.

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Building and Maintaining an Academic Women’s and Gender Studies Learning Community

1976 was the first year a women’s studies conference was held in the UW System, at UW-Madison, initiated by campus librarians, with the theme of "Development of Resources for Women's Studies in the UW System".

In 2016 the UW-Madison 4W Initiative and the UW Women and Gender Studies Consortium join forces to present the first 4W Summit on Women, Gender, and Well-being with a focus on the research, scholarship, teaching and learning, activism and women’s well-being in a global context, across all schools and disciplines.

The 4W Summit organizers support, respect, and value all people's identities, and see this Summit as part of work toward a transformed, multicultural, and inclusive environment, that promotes increased understandings of feminism and its interconnections with issues of race, ethnicity, age, class, ability status, sexual orientation, and gender identity; and encourage participation representative of our campuses and communities.

Past Wisconsin Women and Gender Studies conference programs.


Conference Co-chairs:

Lori DiPrete Brown, Director, UW-Madison 4W Initiative
Helen Klebesadel, Director, UW Women's and Gender Studies Consortium

Special Thanks to the Summit Planning Committee

Summit Contacts:

Helen Klebesadel, Director
UW Women's and Gender Studies Consortium
Email:, Phone:  608-262-3056

Dace Zeps, Program Administrator
Center for Research on Gender and Women, UW-Madison, Phone: 608-263-2053