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Certificate in LGBT Studies

The LGBT Studies Certificate Program, housed administratively in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies, is a campus-wide program open to students in any major. Courses that count toward this interdisciplinary certificate come from a wide range of fields including literature, history, sociology, medical history, as well as from gender and women's studies, which is in itself an interdisciplinary field.

The certificate program requires 15 credits in LGBT Studies. Intent to pursue the certificate must be declared by meeting with the LGBT Studies undergraduate advisor as early as possible in the certificate program and before completing requirements.

Students can meet with the advisor periodically to track their progress. Certificate completion is automatically posted to a student's transcripts upon graduation based on DARS.

Spring 2016 Courses


Classics/GWS 351: Gender & Sexuality in the Classical World
GWS/History 346: Trans/Gender in Historical Perspective
with Enke
GWS/History 354: Women & Gender in US Since 1870
with Enstad
History 221: Sex in America
with Haynes
Social Work 639: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Individuals and Social Welfare
with Gattis

The schedule of classes can be found in either the Course Guide or Class Search.


If you see a course that you think may be applicable to the LGBT Studies certificate, please let me know and I will review the course to determine if it can count towards the certificate.

Authorization to Enroll in GWS 642: LGBT Studies Capstone

GWS 642: Advanced Seminar in LGBT Studies requires authorization for ALL students. To request authorization, please complete this GWS 642 Authorization Form. This is the only way to register for GWS 642.

Your request to be authorized into GWS 642: LGBT Studies Capstone will be reviewed by Professor Finn Enke and approved for those who meet the pre-requisites. Once you have been authorized to enroll, you will receive an email from Diane Walton (dwalton@wisc.edu) confirming your authorization. You will need to enroll within one week of receiving your confirmation.

Requirements for the LGBT Studies certificate

Current Course Offerings and Registration Information